Big Brake Conversion

Step 1

Remove Wheel, caliper, brake disc, dirt shield.

Step 2

Fit new caliper carrier.
Secure all screws of the braking system with Loctite.

Step 3

If necessary, prepare your discs.

Step 4

Mount the discs. Porsche discs are marked "L" for the left side, "R" for the right side.

Step 5

Insert pads and anti-squeal plates into caliper.

Step 6

Attach new caliper to caliper carrier and brake hose. Make sure that the big pistons of the calipers are nearer to the ground than the small pistons. Otherwise this might happen to you (uneven wear of the pads).

Step 7

Bleed the brakes.

Step 8

Fit wheel.

Thatīs how the result looks with Porsche discs:

And thatīs how the result looks with Hirsch discs:

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